In The Yard

Got a customer!
Got a customer!
Morpho butterfly
Morpho butterfly

So I finally ventured out into my yard today to see what was there after it stopped raining (which went on ALL night and morning).  I found the lime tree with a lot of limes on there, some very hard though…not sure what that means considering they look ripe.  Haven’t tried to cut them open yet.  There is a little perch where I can put fruit and such for birds so I did…a little leftover banana I had for breakfast.  Then I saw a big ol Morpho flutter by and land on a leaf…right after I snapped the picture it flew away.  I will look for a spot to plant the jalepenos and see if they even grow.  Not that I even eat that many…I just like planting things.  My mom told me recently that when I was little, she’d find plants sprouting out of her houseplant pots.  Apparently she finally caught me planting orange seeds and whatever else I could get my hands on and the riddle was solved.  haha!  So it’s in my blood apparently to be a farmer of some sort.

My first night was interesting.  A lot of noises, wind, rain, strange cat howls and loud motorcycles.  But it all calmed down eventually and I was really surprised there were no barking dogs and no roosters waking me up!  WOW!  What a treat!  It will become even quieter after all of the tourists leave on Sunday.

I found one problem though with my doors to my room and bathroom.  If you close them, they lock.  So if I accidentally do that and don’t have my keys…?????  Ugh.  It’s a pain to remember to carry them around, but I must.  Ahhh the challenges so far.

One thought on “In The Yard

  1. Kay McAnally March 29, 2013 / 5:44 pm

    Be sure to hide a key in a very safe place. I lock myself out of my house and car all the time and I’m always glad I’ve hidden one – usually in a mayo jar buried where I can dig easily with my hand. Yuk! I like planting too. I have a lemon tree that bears lime looking fruit and it does not turn yellow until fall – when the lemons get soft and ripe. Could your lime tree be a lemon tree? This is my first year to have a lime tree so will look forward to seeing how limes ripen and when. I planted a whole orchard this year! Good luck. Loved the pics!

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